Phone Consultations

Tom Duffy, C.P.A. is available for one-on-one phone consultations to answer questions about specific tax situations. To schedule a consultation, submit the form below, along with your payment, and we will contact you to schedule a call.



By submitting this payment for the Phone Consultation, you affirmatively acknowledge the following:

  • The Phone Consultation does not create a CPA – client relationship for professional tax services with Tom Duffy, CPA, P.C. & P.A., its agents, officers, and employees (TDCPA).
  • The Phone Consultation does not create a fiduciary or agency relationship with TDCPA.
  • TDCPA is not expressing an opinion about your specific tax positions and TDCPA is not responsible for any action you take in reliance on the information we discuss during the Phone Consultation, and said information cannot be used for, the purpose of avoiding any penalties that may be imposed under the Internal Revenue Code or other applicable law, including state, local, federal or foreign law.
  • TDCPA’s maximum liability to you arising for any reason relating to the Phone Consultation shall be limited to the amount of fees you paid for the Phone Consultation. In the event of a claim by a third party relating to the Phone Consultation, you will indemnify TDCPA from all such claims, liabilities, costs, and expenses.
  • The Phone Consultation and this Acknowledgment and Waiver is fully and voluntarily entered into and you have read this Acknowledgment and Waiver, have obtained advice of counsel if so desired, you understand all of this Acknowledgment and Waiver, and execute this Acknowledgment and Waiver voluntarily and of your own free will and accord with full knowledge of the legal significance and consequences of this Acknowledgment and Waiver.

Receipt of your payment for the Phone Consultation will acknowledge your acceptance of the terms of this ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND WAIVER. Should you have any questions regarding these requirements or provisions, please feel free to contact us.